Who we are

We at Intrabuild are passionate about the industry, people and progress. This, our "IPP", is used as our benchmark to always ensure we factor in these elements with any decision made when developing our products. These also form part of our KPI structure when measuring staff input and progress versus organisational goals.


Make sure all solutions are industry specific and bring benefit to both workers and businesses. To create value, add value and make a difference within the industry.


Ensure all solutions are geared toward people in terms of being user friendly, logical tools to benefit individuals within their companies and individual roles.


Always looking forward. Finding solutions for industry problems, improving on previous work, relentlessly raising the bar.

Our team

A mixture of industry professionals who have taken the step into software development as a result of their belief in Intrabuild, as well as an in-house team of web developers to provide support and ensure consistent progress.

Our mission

To become a one-stop-shop for all construction related processes and procedures, a reference point for data tracking and become an industry wide solution provider and reference point.

Our strategy

To utilise our culture, creativity and skills to create a sensible and sustainable growth mechanism. To ensure the wants and needs of our customer base are served, that expectations are first met before being exceeded and that all development and growth is structured in a sustainable manner adding value and creating value for our customers and shareholders alike.